My Upcoming Summer Adventure

by Jeremy Chance

Hey everyone!

Naturally it has been way too long since I posted last. This spring semester has kept me a lot more busy than I initially anticipated, although I guess most of them tend to go that way.

Most of the time the semester seemed to fly by, although I think it hit me the last couple weeks how jam-packed my semester had been and how worn down I really was. Taking 16 credit hours and working 30+ hours a week started to take a toll on me toward the end, and I really started to get run down. But, it’s all done, and I’m done with my first year in this new degree program…only another two years to go!

Although I didn’t quite enjoy the classes at the super-stoked level I was leading up to the semester, I still really enjoyed my classes this semester. If I did as well on two of my finals as I thought I did, and really as I should’ve because they were really easy, I believe I may earn all A’s this semester. That’s saying a lot, considering one of my classes this semesters was another dreaded anatomy and physiology class, BIOL 204. I ended up doing well enough on exam three in there, and, with the help of copious amounts of extra credit of course, should end up with an A. Granted it’s an 86% (an A starts at 85%), but it’s a hard-earned 86%, and as much as I questioned my having to take these courses, I think I’ll be better off for them. I really can say that about all of my classes I took this semester, so all in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful semester.

I can’t remember if I mentioned in a previous post about my desire to find a summer job working at a fitness or weight loss camp for kids, but after an idea last semester, I decided I wanted to look for something like that. After Googling “summer weight loss camps,” I found a number of camps that I wanted to apply for. After being lazy for a couple months and delaying updating my resume, I finally sat down, updated my resume and applied to Wellspring Camps. After not hearing back for maybe 2-3 weeks, I decided to take some initiative and call the main site, just to follow up and make sure they received my application.

After passing along my information to whomever, I heard back from Wellspring Adventure Camp in North Carolina. After a phone interview and reference check, I was offered a position as a camp counselor for the summer!!

Personally, the implications go well beyond just a great opportunity and great job experience. Don’t get me wrong, those are two very important “consequences” of this opportunity. It’s going to look great on my resume, and it will really be a great opportunity for me to see if this area, youth weight loss, is something I’d like to make a career of.

But being selected for this position, and really my grades this semester and last semester really, is vindication for me. It’s proof that my unconventional college path (7 years and counting) is going the way it’s supposed to. After being turned down by grad school twice, I was feeling pretty down about my future and my career and all of that. Now, whether or not it was what I should’ve been thinking, this isn’t the space for that. I’m not asking for sympathy comments, so don’t worry about leaving them in this regard (though I appreciate the thoughts). But honestly, I was pretty down on myself for that not working out for me. So to be successful in my classes, and then to be offered this summer position is really very vindicating for me, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

I’m going to say this right now, just to try and avoid the inevitable question that is sure to come up: no, I’m not working at a fat camp. It’s not a fat camp. Wellspring is about making the proper lifestyle changes to be more physically active and healthier. If it were just about temporary weight loss, then you could call it a fat camp. But there’s such an emphasis on these campers changing their lifestyle that makes it NOT a fat camp. So please, do not ask me if I’m working at a fat camp. It’s not “Heavy Weights,” although that movie is hilarious and, coincidentally, the name of my camp is also Camp Hope. It’s more than a fat camp, and I would appreciate if you don’t call it such.

I leave next Sunday, driving out to western North Carolina. I’ll have a few days of lifeguard and CPR/First Aid training, and then about a week of all-staff training, and then I believe the campers start arriving the 27th or 28th. I’m super-stoked about it! I feel like kind of a nerd, but I’ll admit I keep checking out the different emails I get from the director, checking the Facebook staff group page that has been created. I’m really excited to get out there. Other than coming to college, I’ve never really up and moved away somewhere on my own. And going to Purdue really doesn’t count; home is only an hour and fifteen minutes away. This summer I’m going to be about 9 hours away from West Lafayette, so over 10 away from home-home. It’s going to be different, but I’m really looking forward to the opportunity. It’ll give me a chance to see “test run” moving away from home if a job comes up after college that’s somewhere other than Indiana (which I would really like to pursue).

My cousin Jen summed it up pretty well. She said it’s “a job you love, helping others, in a beautiful, sunny state!! Doesn’t get better!!”

So I’m spending a couple days now at home, as a last trip to the HMD for the summer (except for a return trip for Jon and Kate’s wedding!!). Then it’s back down to West Lafayette to work for a week, pack my stuff up, catch the Glee Club’s End of Season show Saturday night, wake up and hit the road at 6 AM Sunday morning to head out! It’s kind of scary, honestly, but I’m really very excited to use my weight loss experience to motivate and inspire adolescents to hopefully do the same and show them it’s possible.

I do intend to post more frequently while I’m at camp. Rumor has it my cell phone reception should be pretty limited at camp, so I want to use this blog to keep anyone who’s interested on how the summer is going.

If you want to check out where I’m working, check out Wellspring Adventure Camp.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to update you all soon! Take care!