When I Grow Up…

by Jeremy Chance

As a precursor to this post, I want to inform you all I’ve had this screen open for about 2 weeks now, as I’ve been wanting to give the update post…just hadn’t gotten around to it. Here we go.

For starters, I’m writing this post from the luxurious University Plaza. Three weeks ago we had a pretty crazy storm early in the morning, and when I woke up, I looked around and realized there was about and inch or so of water in my room, as well as the rest our basement. A little bit later my sister called me and asked if our place had flooded too. Apparently about 60 units had flooded due to the storm.

So, they offered to put anyone living in the downstairs of a place that was affected in a hotel. Fortunately I didn’t have anything of significant value that was damaged, and I’m pretty lucky. Sometimes I’ll occasionally set my laptop on the floor or my phone to charge, and those would’ve been screwed. I did have to throw out some things, but when I think about what could’ve been ruined, I’m pretty thankful.

I checked in at the hotel the Wednesday after the flood, and that was three weeks ago. I’m very thankful that Copper Beech offered to put me up; I wouldn’t want to sleep on the couch for three weeks. However, this has really become a huge inconvenience.

I will say this, when compared to situations other people are in in other parts of the world with disasters and whatnot, I am blessed that it was just a little bit of water.

But I really miss my bed. I miss my room. All of my stuff from my room is piled in the kitchen. I feel bad for Mike because he’s basically living there by himself. It’s just an inconvenient situation to be in, and it’s throwing off the “routine” I had gotten myself in. It’s hard to eat as well as I was when I don’t have a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, etc. I’ve just been eating a lot of Subway.

And I haven’t been working out as regularly as before. I was working out six days a week. It was helpful being at home because I was able to just wash my workout clothes every other day and always have them ready. Because I haven’t really been able to wash everything as frequently as before, I haven’t been able to stay in that workout routine. I’ve still been working out, just I’ve had to motivate myself a significant more to get over there.

Speaking of working out, that’s been going pretty well. Once I reached my initial goal of 215 pounds (and thoroughly enjoyed my celebratory Hot Box Pizza), I re-set my weight goal to 200 pounds. Once I get there, I will really work on sculpting and refining my body.

Here’s the personal dilemma I find myself in, and unfortunately I think I might be turning into “that person” who won’t be happy with the way I look. On one hand, I’m totally proud of all the hard work I’ve done. I currently weigh 206 pounds, a weight loss of 62 pounds. On the other hand, I look in the mirror and I’m still not completely happy with the way I look. I still have a belly. I still have some fat that I’m not happy with. I know, I know…nobody wants to hear about how I’ve lost 62 pounds and still think I’m fat. I get it. I’m just saying, I’m still not quite happy with where I’m at, but I don’t want to get too skinny. I’ve already heard that.

We’ll have to see. I’m pleased, but I’m a work in progress.

And I’m running another 5k this Saturday. My goal is to run it in under 25 minutes, which would beat my time from the first 5k. I’ll keep you all posted on the time. A couple of other friends are running as well, so it’ll be fun (hopefully Steve’s ankle heals by then!).

On entirely related note, this is the post for life updates, and I have a pretty big one.

Quick review: Graduated in 2010 with a communication degree. Started another major in professional writing to establish Glee Club eligibility. Got denied for the second time to communication grad school at Purdue. Plans? Stop school and focus on work. Working out a lot.

I’ve always regretted not going into a field that was more helpful to people, like nursing, teaching, any of the services, etc. I’ve always wanted to help people. Not that I don’t think I could help people in a communication position, but it’s not the same thing. Back in high school, my recently-married best friend Megan (Barta) Virostko and I had always joked about being motivational speakers, and I guess part of me has really always wanted to do something like that.

As I’ve been working out, I’ve really developed a passion for health and fitness and gained an appreciation for the personal trainers.

Then it hit me.

This is my opportunity to help people. I’m a “success story.” I’ve seen the way hard work and dedication can pay off, and I want to motivate people to physically better themselves. The satisfaction of working with people to achieve their goals and feel better about themselves, this is what I want to do.

So, I’ve had a number of meetings with a number of different people, and am ready to register for classes for the fall. I have to wait a couple weeks to register while the incoming students register, but my schedule looks pretty cool.

Go ahead and take a moment to get the jokes out of the way now. Yes, next fall will start my seventh year of college. Yes, I’ll be in school for another three years. Yes, this will the fourth different major I’ve had.

Okay, done with the jokes?

I have to be honest though, when this idea hit me, I did feel like a little kid with these outrageous plans for “what I want to when I grow up.” When you’re a kid, one day you want to be a fireman, the next a doctor, and the next a pro baseball player. There have been so many different occupations I’ve thought I’ve wanted in college, let alone over my whole life. I started as wanting to be an engineer, then a journalist, then a PR guy, thought about law school, thought about grad school, and now this.

But I think this is really it this time. I think this is a great fit. Being a personal trainer would allow me help people achieve their personal goals and better themselves physically, and maybe even be someone’s “life coach.” I just think I have a good story to tell and have the ability use it to motivate people to better themselves.

So there’s the “big update.” I know it’s probably not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be, but I’m really excited about it. Let’s just hope I make it through the summer and nothing prevents it from happening.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Wish me luck!!