New Ink and a 5k

by Jeremy Chance

Hey everyone!

Although I’ve closed the gap between latest posts, I still haven’t posted as frequently as I would like.

After a long while of thinking about it, I finally made the move to get a second tattoo. The funny thing is though that it’s not necessarily what I thought my second tattoo would be. After my grandfather passed away last November, I had every intention of my tattoo being for him. I still have that plan. I’m going to get the exact same thing on my left shoulder blade that I have on my right, only with a different verse of the song.

But last Monday I woke up and decided I was finally going to make the move and get it done. I went to New Breed Tattoo after class, explained what I want (which I’ll get to in a sec), and got ready to get it done. I had pumped myself up all day for it, only to have to wait until Friday until my artist was ready for me. I scheduled an appointment for 4:30 on Friday, and once again had the week to get excited for the new tattoo.

So the week goes by, and 4:30 Friday rolls around. I head on over, and Ben tells me he’s not quite as ready for me as he was hoping and needed me to come back at 9:30. MORE WAITING!

It was finally time for the tattoo, and I was really pumped. Here is what I told him I wanted. I wanted the words “Thank God for another day” on my chest, but I wanted it tattooed backwards so when I look in the mirror I could read it. Initially I wasn’t sure if I just wanted it to one side of my chest, across, big, small. When he sketched it out small and in simple script, I realized that is exactly what I want. Here’s a few hours after he was done:

And here’s how it looks in the mirror:

After I took the bandage off it and really looked at it more in the mirror, I realized it was perfectly what I wanted. It’s small and simple.

The reason I wanted to get this was because sometimes I get overwhelmed and forget that my life could be worse and to be thankful for what I do have. This serves as a daily reminder for me that I need to be thankful for being alive. Every morning when I look in the mirror I see it, and I’m reminded. Sure, I shouldn’t need a tattoo to remind me to be thankful. But I think we all understand how crazy our day to day lives can be and sometimes we forget…I know I do.

It just reminds me that despite how difficult or complicated my life is, I’m going to get through it, and I need to be thankful for the life that I have.

I love it!

In other news, working out is still going pretty well. As of Monday, the last time I weighed myself, I’ve lost 25 pounds. Today’s another weigh-in day, so hopefully the weight loss has continues. I’m heading to work out in a little bit, so hopefully I’ll have good news.

Tomorrow is kind of an exciting day for me though. I think I mentioned it last post. When I initially started working out, it was just to be healthier and try to get fit and be a physically better person. I realized along the way I wanted a tangible goal, something that I could do to prove to myself that I’m getting healthier and fit. I decided to participate in the Purdue Center for Cancer Research’s 5k run, The Challenge. Tomorrow is finally the day. I’ve definitely been busting my butt for the past month and a half, almost two months, and tomorrow I’ll have the chance to show myself exactly where I am.

I’m not going to lie though, I’m kind of nervous though. Every time I drive along the roads in which the the 5k course is, the only thing I can think to myself is, “Wow, this stretch of road is REALLY long!” I’m sure I’ll be thinking the same thing while I’m running it too.

That’s all I really have. I’ll have to post shortly after the race.

Hopefully all of you have a wonderful weekend!