Fix You

by Jeremy Chance

Music has such a profound impact on our lives, I think sometimes we take it for granted.

Sure, I’m a little biased because of the role music has played in my life, but I believe even the non-musically-gifted individual feels the impact of music.

It could be the theme song to your favorite tv show or movie. Maybe it’s the newest song on the radio or that hidden gem on your favorite album. Or maybe it’s a memory associated with a seemingly random song.

Music draws at something special inside all of us. It pulls on those proverbial heartstrings. In my opinion, one of the greatest characteristics of music is that there’s a song for any mood or any situation you could be in. If you’re happy, there’s a song for that. If you’re upset, there’s a song for that. If you really have no idea how you’re feeling and you can’t really describe it, there’s probably a song for that. Music is the international language. We identify with music.

This probably seems like a really random post, so I’ll explain where this came from.

Have you ever been so moved by a song, it actually moved you to tears? Have you ever heard a song that was so beautiful lyrically, harmonically, you became emotionally attached to that song?

I can’t really explain why, but Straight No Chaser‘s cover of Coldplay‘s “Fix You” does this for me. I’ve recently come to appreciate the immense talent that is Straight No Chaser, discovering their unbelievable Christmas album a few months ago. I downloaded their album from iTunes and heard this song.

I honestly couldn’t really tell you why this song has impacted me the way it has, but I think that’s the beautiful thing about music: we don’t need a reason to be moved by talent.

Check it out for yourself:

What songs move you?