Life Update Part 2 (Glee Club)

by Jeremy Chance

Hello again!

I think I made the right choice to split up this blog in to two parts. Check out Part 1 for an update on the end of the semester and the upcoming school year for me.

The past three weeks for Glee Club were a pretty crazy few weeks. We had finals week off, which is always nice. I didn’t really have any finals, so it was a week full of working for me.

The weekend after finals we began recording a new CD. As the year and semester went on, our group sound became pretty refined, and with about 12 seniors moving on, Bill wanted to take advantage of that and record a CD with some of our new music and a few of the classics.

Saturday was the specialty recording session, and I have to admit, I felt like a rock star. Each specialty group had 45 minutes to get two tracks down. We met down in the studio in Pao Hall. The recording room was soundproofed and engineered to be awesome. I’m obviously no sound engineer, but the only way I can explain the room is that it was awesome. For Voiceovers, since there are six of us, there were six microphones set up. Each of us had our own set of headphones with all the audio feeds in our ears. It was pretty cool. I think we all pulled the superstar recording artist with one headphone ear on and the other off.

It was a pretty cool feeling, and I think any guy in a specialty will agree with me. I’m specifically looking forward to hear how those tracks sound. We recorded “Trashin’ the Camp (at minute 4:30)” and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” Those were definitely two of our better songs, and I’m definitely excited to hear how they sound. I know all of the other specialties put down some amazing stuff too, and I think we’re all looking forward to hear how we sounded.

Sunday began the full group recording. If I recall correctly we started at 2 PM. We recorded in one of the small theaters in Pao, but it seemed just like any live show. We had our full set-up: risers, mics, monitors. All we were missing was the audience.

Sunday we recorded from about 2 til 8 (just in time for the Blackhawks game), and Monday we were back at it again bright and early in the morning. Monday we recorded from about 10 til about 7. I think if I recall correctly, we recorded 26 tracks in about 15 hours. The crazy thing was our voices seemed to be in pretty good shape the rest of the week. I figured we would definitely be running low Tuesday and Wednesday for shows, but I think Bill did a good job pacing us and we were in good voice by the end of the day Monday.

Thankfully we had our voices for Tuesday because we had a pretty important show Tuesday night…well, at least for me. Tuesday night we performed at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster.

Anytime we perform in the Region is great, but because there’s no show in Hammond, the Munster show serves as somewhat of a home show for me. Each Glee Clubber, in his senior year, has the opportunity to honor with a lavaliere two very important women in his life, the woman he intends to marry and his mother. Trust me, I’m no where near the former, but my mother definitely deserves it.

Even though I’m coming back to Glee Club next year, there was a period of time where I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with next year, so there was a slight possibility this Munster show was going to be my last. Plus my mother helped to “sponsor” the show, so the Munster show was going to be the show I lavaliered my mother.

During the “first half” of the show, I brought my mother on stage. I explained to the audience what the lavaliere is, and explained my song selection. I picked “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men. They performed a free concert over the summer of 2009 in Hammond, and before they performed this song, they told everyone to get out his or her cell phones, “call your mother and tell her you love her.” I actually decided right then I was going to sing this song for her.

Singing to Mama

If you’d like to see it, check out this video that Shawn filmed using his camera at the show. Like he says, it’s not the best quality, but it gets the point across. I’ll let the video speak for itself.  Don’t judge the singing. It’s a lot harder to sing to your mother than you may think.

It was a really special moment for my mother and I, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to do that. I know she’s glad she gets to wear her lavaliere for another year’s worth of shows.

So Tuesday was special. Wednesday night we had an hour performance at the Westminster Village, an assisted living community, in West Lafayette. Wednesday night was the Old Man party, a party the new men throw the old men…and that’s all I’m really willing to say about that night. 🙂

Thursday we had a quick morning rehearsal and had the rest of the day free. Let’s just say I needed the rest of the day to recover, so I’m thankful for that time off. We had most of Friday off too, which was really nice. Friday night began the marathon of commencements, one of four.

Saturday was a marathon in its own right. The day began nice and early at 8:45 for commencement number two. Commencement number three was shortly there after. Hearing the same speeches three times, it’s hard to fake a laugh at the same pop culture reference over and over again.

After the third commencement, we had a short break before meeting over at the Long Center for our End of Season show.

This show is always a bittersweet moment for us. It’s the last show the current group performs together, and like years before we’re always performing our best by then. This show always signifies a changing of the guard, the celebration of the departing seniors and anticipation of a new year for the returning members.

This year we’ve had one hell of a class of seniors. Honestly, the guys that made up this senior class are probably some of the coolest guys I know. Like we’ve said, they will be missed but never forgotten.

To Aaron Strand, Andy Wirtner, Barry Helfrich, Ryan McLean, Randy Sarnowski, Kyle Sutton, Andy Seibert, Connie Baltzell, Ian Hyman, Jeremy Clifford, Jim Giberson, Patrick Brown, Dan Gardiner and Noah Demerly, you guys truly led us by example and we are grateful for all you’ve done for us. We only hope to make you guys proud in the following years.

This year’s show was honestly one of the best shows I’ve performed in as a member of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club. The song selection was perfect. We were focused and in sync with Bill. Nobody was trying to over sing. We were 48 distinct men, but we sang with one voice.

I wanted to include a few clips from the show, thanks to Mrs. Conte. The first two are from my specialty group, the Voiceovers. The first was Aaron’s lavaliere for his girlfriend, so that explains the dialogue to begin.

“Love You Forever”

“Folgers” and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”

“Ambassadors of Song”

“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel”

These are just a few of the clips from the show. Check out Mrs. Conte’s YouTube page for more videos.

Sunday morning was the fourth and final commencement. Read Part 1 to find out about my diploma debacle. The sad thing is that after the commencement ceremony all of the guys just kinda disappear for the summer.

Now that the school year is over, both academically and with Glee Club, I slip back into roughly 40 hours a week at the grocery store. I almost forgot how exhausting it was to stand at work for 44 hours in 6 days. If you’d like to find me over the summer, just head on down to the Pay Less on Greenbush in Lafayette and head back to the meat department. More likely than not that’s where I’ll be.

So that’s the update. This one is 1500+ words. Good thing I separated them into two posts. One post of almost 2700 words would probably be a little bit much.

Well, I hope I have information to update you all on over the summer. I’m not exactly sure what kind of information I’ll have over the summer…but I’ll keep you all informed as much as possible.

I hope you had a great year for those of you who had a school year wrap up a few weeks ago. For those of you who didn’t have school year finish up, I hope you have a fabulous summer and I hope you have enjoyed following my posts over the past couple of months. It really is my intention to update every so often. I love writing…I just hope you all love reading!

Take care!