Still Waiting

by Jeremy Chance

As the weeks of my final undergraduate semester slowly slip away, I have to admit, waiting to hear back about grad school at Purdue isn’t getting any easier.

If I’m correct, I have 38 days until my commencement, which blows my mind. Where have the past five years gone??? It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve been here five years already. It’s been a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard back about graduate school, and I don’t think I will for another couple weeks. I asked one of my professors who is involved with the grad program how long it generally takes to hear back. Her response was slightly disheartening actually. She told me the first round of offers went out about a month ago (I didn’t get all of my stuff in til March 1), and those people have until the 15th of April to decide yes or no. Then it works its way from there.

The good news with that is I guess I’m still being considered. The bad news is I won’t find out for a while, so that’s kind of a bummer.

I did notify our director Bill of the situation. I think I’ve mentioned in here that I would come back to Glee Club if I’m accepted into grad school. Next year would be my fourth year with the group, and that makes me eligible for one of the managerial positions for next school year. That was one of the deciding factors that made me decide to come back to Glee Club if given the opportunity.

With not hearing back about grad school yet with manager selections and sir selections coming up, I wanted to make him aware of the situation. I asked him if to still consider me for one of the positions even though my status is still up in the air. I told him that I would rather operate under than notion that I’m coming back and turn down a position if I’m not accepted to grad school than to proceed as if I’m not coming back, miss out on an opportunity to hold one of the positions, find out I can come back and not have it be too late (I hope that makes sense). He did say he would still consider me, so that was a relief.

I would love nothing more than to hold one of the manager positions with the Glee Club next year. I think I’m a well-qualified candidate and I’d like to think I’d do a good job leading the group. Initially thinking I was only going to be in club for three years, I never thought it was a possibility. Once I considered grad school and considered coming back to Glee Club for a fourth and final year, that opportunity became a legit possibility. I hope to get the opportunity to be in one of those positions. I love being a member of the group and I would do my best to lead the group in the right direction.

Even if I’m not selected for one of the positions, I just hope to be able to come back and perform for one more year. To have the opportunity to sing and travel and spend time with some of the coolest guys would just be icing on top of the cake for getting in to grad school.

Next year could be a pretty exciting year. The word “could” is the operative word though. All of it is contingent on whether or not I get into grad school.

I’m just as anxious as most of you are to find out about it.

Things are starting to wind down though around campus, and that’s pretty sad. Classes are all going pretty well. Projects are finishing up. Classes are gearing up for final exams. It’s kind of crazy to think I just have a few weeks left as an undergraduate.

Glee Club is winding down for the year too, which is really crazy! Phenomena is  tomorrow night! Unfortunately due to my evening class schedule and work schedule I’m unable to be a performer in this year’s show. It’s kind of weird not being involved as a performer. I’ve been trying to help out with as much behind the scenes as possible (which is why I’ll be at the Cactus tonight repping the bright orange “FREE SHOW” t-shirt tonight!).

Phenomena 2010!

Graphic designed by Shawn Dildine!

Next weekend is Mother’s Brunch, which is the equivalent to our awards banquet. We just have two more full-dress shows before End of Season, which you should all go to. 🙂

It’s been too long since I’ve posted, so this is just a little update on my life. I’ll try and post more often. It’s been a really long time since I’ve experienced Senioritis, but it’s been hitting me pretty hard here the past few weeks. I haven’t been motivated to do too much, including blogging.

I promise to keep up with this though! Have a good day everyone!