Fingers are Crossed for Grad School

by Jeremy Chance

You know what sucks? Having your immediate future in the hands of someone else.

For those of you who have read my posts or are around me on a relatively regular basis, you know that I have applied at grad school to stay at Purdue. My file is currently under review as of Monday, so my future as a Purdue student is now in the hands of some selection committee in the communication department.

This waiting game really sucks!

I will admit, perhaps my initial reasons for going to graduate school were not the best. I initially decided I wanted to go to grad school was so that I wouldn’t have to try and find a job in a sub-par market. It’s pretty difficult to find a job out there. Who could blame me, or anyone for that matter, for not wanting to immediately attempt to find a job.

The more I looked into the communication graduate program here at Purdue, the more I begin to think it would actually be a good decision to pursue a master’s degree.

First and foremost, I have had at least one class with a majority of the major faculty members in the program, and I have really enjoyed those classes.

Secondly, I love being on campus, especially ours. I know we may not have as aesthetically pleasing of a campus as IU or whatever, but I absolutely love spending time on campus and just being on this campus. Being around college students and faculty, and living in a Big Ten college town is such an amazing experience, I really don’t want that experience to end. No, it has very little to do with the party life around campus. Yes, that’s an important aspect of college life, but in connection with the other aspects of college life, I would love to continue being a Boilermaker on campus.

As nerdy as this sounds, thirdly, I would just really like to further my education. I hear people all around me say they can’t wait o be done with school so they can get out of here. I totally respect each of those opinions, and to each his own I guess. As much as I may or not give off this vibe, I really am a relatively educated individual who does enjoy learning and wishes to continue learning in my specific field of interest.

I think the most important reason I want to attend graduate school is the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for a number of courses, specifically COM 114 which is our Intro to Public Speaking course. I’ve honestly never really considered myself to be too interested in teaching, but something about the opportunity to teach COM 114 as well as a number of other public relations courses just piqued my interest.

After I realized grad school was something I wanted to pursue, my tentative life plan set itself. I realized that, despite my current general lack of patience, being a professor on campus is something I’d ultimately like to do. I’d like to go to grad school and get my master’s degree in public relations and issue management, focusing specifically on corporate public relations and new forms of media. After grad school I want to work for a professional sports organization in their public relations/media relations/marketing department. After working for a number of years, I want to go back to get my PhD and end up as a professor at a university.

That’s it.

Sometimes I think it’s weird that I’ve pinned so much of the rest of my life on a decision I made only a couple of months ago instead of “my whole life” like a lot of people’s career goals. Yes, I know goals change throughout a lifetime, especially in college, so this is totally normal. I think I just feel a little weird saying my “life goal” or my “dream” is to be a professor…because it hasn’t.

Regardless, I feel this is the career path I’d like to take.

Now, unfortunately that decision is out of my hands right now. Lately there’s been talk in the PMO lounge and just around Glee Club about “when I come back to Glee Club next year after I get into grad school,” and that kind of stuff. I keep reminding people, and really I keep reminding myself that before I can make any decisions regarding Glee Club and next year, I have to get in first.

That’s the difficult part. I mean, I guess I really shouldn’t stress it because it’s officially out of my hands now. Waiting to hear back is getting a little frustrating. Now that my application is officially under review, every time I get an e-mail I get a little antsy thinking it’s going to be THE e-mail.

All I can do is sit here and keep my fingers crossed for grad school.