PMO Variety Show, Fireflies and Birthday Celebrations

by Jeremy Chance

Hey everyone!

What a busy week it’s been. As I mentioned, the Glee Club had three road shows in the past six days. Saturday we were in Warren, Monday we were in Richmond, and last night we were down in Posey County. In my opinion, we have continued to develop into a 100% cohesive group performing at a high level. Some shows were better than others, but I would say it’s been a pretty successful six days in Glee Club.

We have a break from official Glee Club business this weekend, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on this weekend. Phenomena, our student-produced, student-performed, FREE rock show is coming up at the beginning of April, and this weekend we have the first ever PMO Variety Show, this year’s fundraiser.

The Variety Show, though the title should be pretty self-explanatory, is an evening full of awesome musical acts. Most are students of PMO singing various songs, but there are a number of other musical acts. From an electric guitar solo to a sneak preview of members of the Phenomena band, select students will be on display doing what we do best: perform.

In my opinion, this is the perfect type of fundraiser for a musical organization like PMO. We sing, we perform, it’s what we do. Why not combine that with a dinner to raise money for Phenomena? Fundraising chair Alex Robinson has done a fabulous job planning the event, and I’ve enjoyed working on her committee. The show is tomorrow night, and it should be a wonderful evening!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Yours truly will be the emcee for the Variety Show. Yes sir! I’m pretty pumped about it too! I was hoping Voiceovers, my specialty in Glee Club, was going to be able to perform, but not all of us were able to make it. I still wanted to be involved with the show, and when Alex said she was thinking about using an emcee, I volunteered myself. She asked me a few days later if I wanted to do it for sure, and I was definitely up for.

So, for those of you who will be in attendance at St. Andrew United Methodist Church tomorrow night, you are in for a treat!

Speaking of Voiceovers, next week is a big week for us. We’ve been working on this piece of music that is pretty awesome. Ted Arthur, Assistant Director to the Glee Club and music arranger extraordinaire, arranged the current hit “Fireflies” by Owl City for us to do. We wanted something popular in current in repertoire, and Ted put this piece together. I’m sure most of you have heard it. It has an electronic tracking going in the background, and Ted split it into a five-part masterpiece. There’s no doubt that it’s hardest piece of music I’ve had to learn. I wish I could show you my sheet music for it, because the rhythms and some of the notes are pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ve written in a piece of Voiceovers music as much as I have with this piece.

Anyways, we’ve been working on it for a good majority of the semester to this point. It’s probably been about 4 or 5 weeks, just to give you some perspective on time. We will finally be debuting it next week at a serenade on campus. It’s a perfect setting for it because, a.) sorority serenades are always good shows to try new songs for the first time, and b.) they will absolutely LOVE it. The really cool thing about it though is that even if you’re not familiar with the Owl City original, our version just sounds really cool and sounds technically difficult. I think people will appreciate the difficulty.

I’m definitely looking forward to next Thursday for that. I’ll keep you posted on how well it goes.

Other than the variety show on Saturday, this weekend is pretty free. Tonight I’m going out for my brother Jon’s girlfriend Kate’s birthday. They both live up north, but honestly, there’s no better place to celebrate a birthday than at Purdue! We’re heading to the Cactus tonight for a little piano bar action with piano man Bruce Barker tonight, and festivities will continue tomorrow night after the show. Only one thing matters to me on Sunday, and that’s the US mens hockey team going for gold! USA! USA! USA!

Should be a fun weekend! I hope you all have some fun stuff planned for this weekend. Hopefully that “fun stuff” includes tomorrow night’s PMO Variety Show.