The most precious resource we have: each other.

by Jeremy Chance

Good evening everyone!

How about this snow, huh? So much for those 8 inches we were supposed to get. I’ll tell you what though, the wind blowing it around sucks big time. I’m ready for spring break down in Florida!!

One thing that is kind of on my mind is something I found out this weekend while I was at home. The mother of one of my old friends from Little League and high school apparently passed away this past weekend. I don’t know very much, but I know she was in a car accident and passed away a few days later.

First and foremost, I just want to say that my thoughts are with Dave Wallace and his family. His mother was always super supportive of their family and was very active in our little league back in the day. She was always there cheering for us and would do anything for any kid in that league because she cared that much about the kids.

When something like that comes out of the blue, you’re really taken aback. When my mother first told me, I literally gasped. I haven’t seen Mrs. Wallace in years, probably, but when it’s something unexpected like this it really hits home.

I know I wrote a sappy blog when my grandmother passed away in October, so I’ll try to keep the rest of this as positive as possible.

When something like this happens it makes you appreciate the people you do have in your life a little bit more. Life is the most precious resource we’ve been given and it literally could be taken away from us at any second. I know I’m personally guilty, but I think as a whole, we as human beings tend to take life for granted. I bet Dave wishes he just had a little bit more time with his mom to tell her over and over again how much he loves her.

I guess the main point is that, like I mentioned in “The Human Deficiency,” unfortunately it takes the loss of a friend or family member to put life truly in perspective. I think it’s the human flaw that will never change. We will always, in the slightest capacity, take the human resources in our lives for granted. I wish it were as simple as flipping a switch and being entirely grateful for the friends, family, coworkers, even random acquaintances we have in our lives.

Life truly is short. Life truly is crazy. Life truly is precious.

We all just need to be more aware of truly the most precious resource we have in this world: each other.