Snow, snow, go away!!

by Jeremy Chance

As you’re reading this, I hope you find yourself in a nice warm house or apartment. Perhaps you’re wrapped in a Snuggie or nice fleece blanket reading the lovely things I have to say. Doesn’t a nice warm mug of hot chocolate and a fireplace sound nice right about now? Well, hopefully you’re nice and warm, because I’m writing this from the bus, slowly moving trough traffic, on the way to a show in Indianapolis.

First, the weather. Here’s the thing. Regardless of how many people tell me it’s going to snow a lot, it always catches me off guard. You can imagine my surprise this morning to walk out of my apartment and see thick, puffy snowflakes coming down by the thousands.

The worst part about the snow today was that it would hit the ground would turn into slushy mush. Thus, making the walk to rehearsal this morning extremely unenjoyable.

It’s a good thing I decided to not wear my new white travel shoes today. I bought a new pair of plain white shoes for Glee Club travel attire, but opted to not wear them because I knew it was going to be at least somewhat crappy outside.

I had no idea it was going to be THIS crappy outside. The Glee Club is on our way down to Indianapolis for a show tonight, and traffic is I-65 is pretty bad. We were stopped a little while back for about a solid 10 minutes or so. I definitely wouldn’t want to be driving anywhere tonight.

I hope the weather clears up for tomorrow evening so I can drive home for the Super Bowl.

I don’t know about anyone else, but did this week seem to fly by for anyone else?? I feel like yesterday I was getting ready for the week, and all of a sudden the weekend is here. Not that I’m complaining by any means. I’m a big fan of the weekend, especially the weekend of the Super Bowl. All I’m saying is that this week went by pretty quickly.

It was a pretty solid week though, I’d say. Monday night we actually tasted some wines in Wine Appreciation. We had a Chardonnay, a savignon blanc and a gewurtztraminer. Yeah, I had no idea there were so many distinct wines either. I just thought it was red or white. They were all white wines and were pretty good. My favorite was the Chardonnay, I’d say. Good stuff. Drinking wine makes me South Africa. We drank some really good wines down there.

Tuesday night I worked and went out for Kevin Norman’s 21st birthday. Being out for his birthday made me realize how awesome it feels to be there when a good friend turns 21. Hanging out and having a few drinks in any campus bar is just a great thing to do. We went to Brothers. Tuesday night is $1.50 pint night, meaning a pint of ANY BEER ON TAP IS $1.50. Talk about a great deal! You can get a pint of Guiness, normally probably about $6 or so, for $1.50. It’s a great deal!

So we had a few beers. Kevin had a few shots. We celebrated his 21st birthday the way it should be spent, with awesome friends drinking delicious beverages!

Wednesday night I went to Hooters for some All You Can Eat wings before heading to my music theory class. I passed my first keyboard assessment, so I was pretty stoked. After class I went out for a bit. Purple Hooters are still one of my most favorite drinks.

Thursday night I worked and got some work accomplished for class and Phenomena fundraising. It was a pretty productive night.

And here we are: Friday.

We’re on the way to Indy, driving no more than 40 mph probably.

I can’t believe it’s snowing so much. I was talking with my brother’s girlfriend last night and she said she was jealous of the snow we were about to get. I wish she could’ve walked to class and around campus in this. Then we’ll see who’s jealous!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend! Please be safe if you’re driving around anywhere today! And be safe while consuming those beverages we’re all going to be consuming while watching the Colts and Saints.

I will admit, I’m really impartial about the game this weekend. I’d be okay if the Saints won. Drew Brees (Boilermaker!) and the Saints are one hell of a story, but the Colts are just the Colts. Peyton Manning is the man…if you like 6’5, 230-pound quarterbacks with laser rocket arms.

Enjoy the game and the weekend. And as always, feedback is welcome! If anyone has a good story about the crappy weather or some really cool plans for the Super Bowl, I’d like to hear about it!!

Take care!