The weekend that was.

by Jeremy Chance

The busy weekend has come and gone, and it was one exhausting weekend. For those of you who have never performed in a PMO ensemble before, you really have no idea how exhausting it is to perform a full show.

Let alone perform three of them in one weekend!

The Zionsville collaboration with the Purduettes went well. They sounded really good and to be able to make it to an upcoming open show.

The show on Saturday for Haiti at St. Mary’s in Lafayette was pretty great. The cathedral was amazing to sing in, acoustically speaking. We sang most of our “big” songs, and the cords just rang throughout.

Sunday in Goshen was pretty cool too. Hitting the road early was a bummer, but the show was great and worth the drive. The Purdue Marching Band’s Silver Twins were at the show, so that was cool. One of the twins, Chelley, has been in a few of my classes, including one this semester, and when she told me she and her sister were from Goshen, I told her she needed to check out the show. Sure enough, they were special guests anyways, so that was pretty cool.

This week is pretty uneventful, in terms of Glee Club stuff. We have a really big show on Friday in Indianapolis at the Scottish Rite. That’s always one of our biggest shows and one of my favorites. Hopefully friends can make it down since Indianapolis is only about a 45 minute drive down I-65. For more information on the show, check out our website event page. Tickets are pretty cheap, and I’d love to have some familiar faces in the audience.

I just wanted to throw a quick update out there. For only having 12 credit hours, AND having a relatively easy semester in terms of classes, I have still have a lot of work to do.

Phenomena fundraising stuff and recruitment business keeps me pretty busy. Not to mention keeping up a couple blogs. I need to post my Jake’s feature for my Boilercampus tonight, do some music theory homework, and do a little reading for my networking class.

It’s been a pretty alright semester so far, I’d say. Looking to keep things fun and exciting. Take life day by day, you know?

Feel free to leave comments…I’ve never said that before, but comments and critiques are always welcome! 🙂