The Human Deficiency.

by Jeremy Chance

Why is it that it takes a loss for people to realize who and what is truly important in our lives?

Life is such a precious gift that can be taken away from us at any point, how is it humanly possible to continue to take who and what we have in our lives for granted? Part of the innate sequence of a lifetime is the end, death. It’s inevitable. People have died in the past, people are dying now, and people will die in the future. My question is how can we be completely aware of this fact, yet still take the people we know and the things we have for granted?

For those of you who don’t know, my grandmother, Eleanor Chance, passed away this Sunday. She had suffered from a number of strokes over the years and battled cancer for a while. On Sunday that struggle ended, coming much sooner than any of us wanted. She is no longer suffering however, and she is watching over us all.

Now, we didn’t get to spend as much time with my grandparents over the past few years as we probably would’ve liked, and after the last few strokes we knew it wouldn’t be too much longer. The time we spent with her was always great. She’s probably the number one reason I got into music. She played the piano for years, and I credit her for my musical talents. She would always be so excited to come and see the Glee Club show in Munster. After she recovered a bit from the first stroke, Grandma was very emotional all of the time. I think she realized she can’t take anyone for granted anymore, and EVERY moment spent with the people in her life was an important moment. I remember having the opportunity to see her and grandpa after the show, and she was just so happy and emotional to be able to see me perform and just be there with Grandpa and my dad and Deb. It was a lot at first, her being so emotional, but when you sit back and think about why she’s emotional, it’s very profound. She was so thankful to be alive and be able to share those moments with her family that she would be visibly emotional.

Why do we not act the same way (to an extent) in our everyday lives? With her passing, it makes me realize that we as a human race have this deficiency to take things in our lives, and even life itself, for granted. Why do we dwell on the little things in life and not embrace it and live life to its fullest each and every day? I’m not saying that we need to cry every time we see someone who’s important in our lives, but why is that such a stretch? Why do we not hug the people who are important in our lives and tell them we love them more than we do? I’m guilty of it. I think we all are guilty of it. It just astounds me that we continue to fall into this rut of waiting for something tragic or unexpected to happen to realize what we had.

It still really just seems surreal to me that she’s gone. Grandma Chance was a great a woman. Just as we need to overcome this deficiency of taking things for granted, we also need to realize that as sad as death may be, it’s really the time to celebrate the life of the person who has passed. She wouldn’t want us to be sad and depressed. She would want to us to remember all of the good times we shared together.

I don’t know. Life is crazy. Life is short. Life is precious. I just hope I can start living my life with a new sense of awareness. Life would be so less stressful if we all just lived in the moment and enjoyed EVERY moment we’re alive. I just hope one day we all can…