Fall Break Tour Day #4…and #5

by Jeremy Chance

Hey everyone!!! I’m once again writing from the bus, except this time it’s coming from Indiana. We have officially crossed the border and are back home again in Indiana.

Last night was an amazing night! We had our final performance of our fall break tour. We performed at Randy Sarnowski’s old high school in Ludington, Michigan. Let me say this, I think it was probably the best performance of the entire weekend! I don’t know what it is, but it really was amazing. And not the best show because our motto is ” the next show is ou next best show,” but because in my opinion we were amazing. There was a 100% connection with Bill. We were dynamically on top of our game. We followed Bill to a T. We sounded great. We looked great. It was just an all around amazing show.

I think one of the reasons it was such an amazing show personally was because of the level of emotion. Bill has emphasized that there needs to be a connection between our head and our hearts. I take that to mean we must focus on our music and what we’re singing but make an emotional connection to the music and convey that emotion in the way we sing. Give the music meaning. I took that message to heart and tried to connect with every word, every phrase, every song.

The crowd was great too. There wasn’t a lot of people, but the people who were there responded very well to everything we sang and gave us wonderful feedback. Certain crowds give off certain energies, and the crowd last night gave a really good energy.

There was just a lot of emotion all night. Bill had told us a story about the bass player of the high school choir. I guess he had almost died of leukemia relatively recently and has been living life to its fullest since getting better. We sang “This is the Moment,” and the lyrics of the song moved him to tears. Bill told us that story and that we were dedicating that song at the evening performance to him and his wife. That kind of stuff just moves me and makes me want to perform better, knowing what we as members of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club have the ability and opportunity to impact the lives of complete strangers. That makes me love what we do!

The performance rocked. Afterwards we went back to the Magee’s to have some pizza and relaxation when we found out one of the families was having some guys over. We headed there and met about 8 of the guys. We had a few beers, talked about the trip and just enjoyed the evening. The woman whose house we were in wanted us to sing a few songs. So depsite being a few beers in, we sang a few songs. We sang “The Wiffenpoof Song,” “It is Well with my Soul,” and a few others. We actually sounded relatively good, until someone suggested we do “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Then things got a little interesting. It was fun though. Sang a few tunes. Drank a good number of beers. We headed back to the house and had a few more beers before going to bed around 4.

We woke up this morning and had a wonderful breakfast that Mrs. Magee prepared for us. She was such a gracious host, I’m kind of bummed we had to leave. After breakfast we headed to the school to be dropped off for the buses. From there we headed to Dr. and Mrs. Van Scoyoc’s “cottage,” though it was like a vacation beach home right on Lake Michigan. We all went down to the beach for a bit, and before we sang the blessing for lunch we got in a big circle, arms on each other’s shoulders and Bill gave us a great talk. He told us we did a great job this weekend and we need to build on it for the rest of the year. Then we sang the blessing, had lunch and relaxed before getting on the buses to go home. A few guys even did a polar plunge right before we left. Maybe 6 guys did a quick sprint into the lake, right before we left. I opted to stay warm.

So we’ve been on the bus for about 5 or so hours now, and I think we’re pretty close to campus. It’s been an amazing weekend, one that I’ll never forget. Back to the daily routine of the school week though…and work. I unfortunately am working 7-10 am and 4-10 pm both tomorrow and Friday. So no break for me…until the weekend. FREE WEEKEND BABY!!!

Thanks to those who followed my blog this weekend. I hope I kept you thoroughly update throughout the weekend and you enjoyed reading. I plan on keeping this blog with Glee Club happenings throughout the year, as well as other goings on in my life. Have a great day!!