Fall Break Tour Day #3

by Jeremy Chance

Hello from Ludington, Michigan!

We’ve begun our fourth day on our fall break tour, and let me tell you, it’s pretty cold up here!! I was hoping the warm weather would stick around a little bit longer, but it has unfortunately taken a turn for the colder. It’s been pretty cold everywhere we’ve gone.

Yesterday morning began with a 5:45 wake up call. After a wonderful breakfast with our homestay in Milwaukee, we met the rest of the guys at the bus at 6:45. It was definitely an early and seemingly long drive to Chicago, but it gave me time to blog.

Once we arrived in Palos Park we unloaded at the church and prepared for the 10:30 service. We found out that one of the new men had completely left his tie for our blazer/khaki attire (BK) back in town. We were told to double and triple check to make sure we have every single bit and piece to every single dress. A new man left his BK tie. I don’t really don’t understand why such things happen. It’s just unacceptable. I mean, I know the new men are supposed to struggle and all, but there’s no excuse for not having your stuff! Absolutely unacceptable!!

I haven’t really had much time to write this today. We’ve been busy at the high school in Ludington. But yesterday was really busy. We did the church service in the morning and headed to Trinity College for an afternoon performance. We grabbed an awesome lunch at the cafeteria before the performance.

The show began at 3 and things started off right. Bill has continued to mix things up well with the music. It can get boring doing the same things over and over again, especially with 6 shows in 4 days basically. But as I mentioned Bill made a conscious effort to change it up a lot, and this show was no different.

All the specialties sounded good. Lighthouse debuted a new song in the morning which sounded amazing, and the two they did at the afternoon show were awesome as well. Blake did some magic, and as always he’s a hit. BaNaNa never disappoints, so their two sounded good. For the first time I’ve been in VoiceOvers we performed during halftime, which as lame as it sounds, has always been a “dream” of mine. I always wanted to be apart of a group that got to run on stage from the back or from the sides, and yesterday that dream was fulfilled. We performed the Folgers song and “Trashin the Camp,” which I sing lead on both. Now, for any of you who sing and have gone on a long tour know, a lot of singing in one weekend really tolls on the voice. If any of you have seen the Folgers commercial Rockapella did or have heard that song, you know the lead part is really, REALLY high. So combine that with the fact that my voice was going, I was definitely nervous it wasn’t going to sound good. Fortunately by that point my voice had kinda warmed up and it was pretty okay.

The second half was solid, as it has been all tour. The show seemed a bit shorter than normal, and I think Bill did that consciously so we could get out of there and get on our way to Michigan. My mom and older brother came to the show, so it was great to have them there. I love when I have family and friends in the audience, and that’s why I’m REALLY hoping we can get a show in Hammond.

After mingling for a while, we packed up, grabbed our boxed lunches and headed out…for Michigan. We were on the bus for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, though I’m not really sure. We arrived in Ludington at 11, met with our homestays and headed home. Jaws, Peter Carroll, a new man and myself stayed with the grandmother of Randy’s girlfriend. She is the sweetest old woman. She’s been wonderful. We sat around for a few hours and talked before going to bed.

We woke up this morning and headed to the high school to set up, do a little work with their high school choir and do a convocation for the high school and middle school kids. That was a LOT of fun. They ate up everything we did, but especially the specialties. We sang “Carry On” and “Trashin the Camp,” and they absolutely loved it!! Of course BaNaNa stole the show with “Shout.” Those guys are pretty amazing, and they got the crowd going. Boiler Boys performed and they loved that really high-pitched stuff. People absolutely love that. Oh well.

After the show, Bill called the Sirs to answer a few questions they had, and Bill chose me to answer the weirdest question. Some kid asked, “How do you prepare for a big tour like this?”